Forever Young

Summer, 1947

Do the ideals of our youth ever truly disappear through the years? The times where our pure enthusiasm for each day... our longing for adventure... could be quenched by an afternoon spent outdoors, down a dusty mountain road at the shore of a lake, laughing with our friends.

Do they fade away like the twilight?... or do they continue to linger like the light in this photograph?... still shining brightly today, just as the sun burned down through the trees on my mom and her friends on this late summer afternoon so many years ago.

I look at these kids of years gone by.... and I see life's eternal young Americans. I see something that still lives in all of us.

Eternal Summer

, originally uploaded by shiphome.

"Already there have been too many words,
Too many versions of the way
The light fell across the water some certain dusk.
And the "stunned" trees on the far shore,
Caught fire: candescence, conflagration, blaze."

- Joe Bolton-
Elegy at Summer's End